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Tribeca's Most Hated at 365 Broadway Shows Off a Facelift

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The much hated extreme makeover at 365 Broadway, where a vertical enlargement added new floors for "luxury" apartments, has dropped the plywood and revealed a new face at street level. Sitting on the northwest corner of Franklin in Tribeca, the redone dowager now has a bottom to match her red brick top: where neo-Georgian details previously reigned, a more pedestrian look now meets the street. The broken pediment and urn over the main Broadway entrance are gone, replaced by broad space for signage, and dentil molding that lined the entablature is nowhere to be seen. Multi-paned lunettes that topped the arched windows along Franklin Street are now filled in, replaced by semi-circular panels with a sunburst design. All these changes are in place for new retail along this no-man's stretch of Broadway, and a number of listings have been posted online.

Three spaces are available, ranging from 2,460 to 4,710 square feet. For those who want it all, the full 9,780 sf is available for a "negotiable" rate. Up above Broadway work continues, and what's to come is described as a "new 30 unit luxury residental apartment building" with an entrance on Franklin. However the Department of Buildings schedule A indicates that the re-made eight stories will have 32 units, four per floor, with a mezzanine in the mix and a penthouse up top. We searched til our fingers bled, but no listings as yet for any of those apartments. Given the mish-mash of DOB filings and the building's stained rep, it could be some time before this one is fully sorted out and and ready for residents.
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365 Broadway

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