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Upper West Side Demolition Creates Week's Best Destructoporn

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A tipster passes along this impressive destructoporn photography, shot at 77th Street and Broadway. The tipster writes: "What's amazing is the amount of material they're demolishing without a carting truck in site to start removing it?.although they cleared all the tenants out of the north side of the site, that they do not seem to preparing to tear that portion down. In fact, they seemed to be stuccoing the wall of one of the older buildings (maroon awning) that abuts the tear-down site. Could it be that they're leaving these few buildings intact? Would love to see some intel on this if you have it."

Tipster, we live to serve. This appears to be the site of Friedland Properties' planned 20-story condo. A number of local businesses have already shuttered to make way for the project, including, most recently, Manhattan Diner. A pretty thorough goodbye!
· UWS Stores Shuttering to Make Way for 20-Story Condo [Curbed]

2182 Broadway

2182 Broadway, New York, NY 10023