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UES Co-op Once Asking $18.5 Million Sells for Only $10.4M

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A bit more than 52 percent of Curbed readers deemed unit #6AD at 907 Fifth Avenue true floorplan porn, but perhaps the buyer was one of the 47.3 percent who labeled the place a floorplan bore instead. The buyer in question paid $10.4 million, in a deal that hit public record today. Seems like a sizable number?until we checked out the listing history to see an original asking price of $18.5 million. Even if the choppage happened gradually over 13 months, that's getting dangerously close to PriceChopper Hall of Fame territory. The apartment has a wood-paneled library, screening room, four bedrooms, and a secret passage to the dining room, so where did the pricing of this one go so wrong? And what does it mean for the pricing of Huguette Clark's place?

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907 Fifth Avenue

907 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021