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Harlem's Victoria Theater Now Slated to Have 140 Rental Units

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Did we say the redevelopment saga of Harlem's Victoria Theater had finally ended? Whoops! The state chose Danforth Development Partners for the building's makeover back in 2007, but the recession left little cash available for such projects, and Danforth had to wait until March of this year to join forces with Exact Capital for fresh funding. So the new timeline, according to the Times, is for the project to break ground in the second half of 2012. And as for that hotel-and-91-condo-units design shown as the "winner" above?that part of the process wasn't quite finished in 2007, either.

Aufgang & Subotvsky Architecture and Planning (Warning: music) has another design in the works, for a 140-unit rental building and a 175-room hotel. The building's base?the original 1917 building?will house the Classical Theater of Harlem, the Harlem Arts Alliance, Jazzmobile, and the Apollo Theater Foundation. Some of those institutions have, thankfully, been in the plans all along?we couldn't handle any more change.
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