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LES Nursing Home Tale Gets Listed, More Twisted

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Following yesterday's rally at the Bialystoker Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation on East Broadway—in which residents and workers protested the closure of the 80-year-old facility over the fear that its non-profit board "is determined to turn the site into a luxury apartment complex"—The Lo-Down digs up the broker listing for the troubled building. Listed with Grubb & Ellis, the lot is pitched as a "highly desirable" residential location:
"The approximately 11,886-square-foot land area on which these lie will therefore be available for development; under current zoning the site can accommodate a residential development of up to 71,554 square feet or 77,259 square feet with a community facility component."The sketchiness resides with board chairman, Ira Meister, who is also the owner of Matthew Adam Properties, a real estate firm that just so happens to share an address with the LLC that paid $1.5 million for the three-story medical office building next door to Bialystoker last year.
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Bialystoker Nursing Home

228 East Broadway, New York, NY