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UES Classic Six Can't Land a Buyer, Getting Desperate

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Now what could be the problem with this pre-war classic six co-op on the Upper East Side's Gold Coast overlooking Central Park? For one, it's only on the second floor, so by "overlooking" we mean "staring right into the bus lane next to." The unit, which the current owners purchased for $2.138 million, may also have something of a karma problem: the building is famous for the 2007 murder of celebrity broker Linda Stein. To be fair, 16 floors separate the two apartments, but #2C's track record isn't promising either. Originally listed last summer at $2.1 million, it entered contract at $1.95 million and was then re-listed four months later with a $100,000 pricechop. Two weeks later, we see another $275,000 reduction at its current ask of $1.575 million.

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