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The Tribeca Loft That's Incomplete, Decades Later

The Times took a look at the West Broadway loft owned by Sigrid Burton and Max Brennan, who bought the place back in 1983. After forking down $211,000 on the place, they thought renovations on the 3,300 square foot place would be a couple of thousand dollars. Well, $300,000 and several years later it looks like work might be getting ready to wind down. The space is packed with things they've acquired throughout their travels around the world. Oddly, there's also a relatively extensive chair collection featuring Frank Lloyd Wright and Gerritt Rietveld designed pieces. In terms of the area, it seems the neighborhood developed faster than the apartment itself, with Max saying "“I would have bet you everything I had that I wouldn’t be looking at a Maserati showroom. Or space going for $2,000 a square foot.” And if you want some back story and additional information on the loft, Manhattan Loft Guy aka broker/blogger Sandy Mattingly has a piece on it.
· A Loft That Waited For Its Muse [NYT]