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Here Now, a Curbed Reader Wins the Lottery—And Offers to Share!

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Are you in the market for a quick cheer-up on this rather grim Monday? Sure you are. Given that, we're quite indebted (ha!) to a valiant Curbed tipster, who sends along the above photos and this note: "It is a New York Lottery of sorts—the ticket price is a great view and time. The winner is determined solely by chance, creating a high level of anticipation. Both winners and losers will generally continue to play indefinitely, despite the infrequency of any reward. Yesterday, at our offices on 800 Third, I hit the jackpot, and witnessed the makings of a pornographic film. I apologize for the low quality of the iPhone images—they are yours for your vicarious viewing pleasure."

Today, we will take whatever we can get. Thank you, kind sir.
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