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Britney Spears' Old Penthouse Returns to Market

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We thought we had heard the last of the saga of Britney Spears' old Penthouse 1109 at the Silk Building. After finally selling for $4M back in 2006, the place has been a flip-fail for the ages. After trying to get $6.595 in '08, the buyers had to trim the price to $4.99M before the place went off the market. Well, now it's back for $4.895M and a 4-person broker team with Raphael De Niro at the helm. Think his celeb connects can help move a place with an old celebrity pedigree? In any case, that staging is not helping.

· Listing:14 East 4th Street PH1109 [Elliman]

14 East 4th Street

14 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003