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Get Your Pricey UWS Rentals, But Don't Expect Any Gas

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DNAinfo reports on the less than ideal conditions at 173 West 78 Street, where it looks like residents haven't had gas since mid-July. The building, where one bedrooms ask $3,100/month, is managed by Mall Properties and Janoff & Oishan who have ever so graciously provided the residents with hot plates so they don't have to order in every night. Still, that doesn't seem to be appeasing everyone, with one resident saying "I'm making frozen food and ordering in all the time. For families with small kids, it’s impossible. It would be nice to be able to cook pancakes in the morning or make eggs.” Apparently the renters must be used to it, since this is the third outage this year. It looks like the cause of the problem is work being done on the ground floor where they plan to have some new retail.
· Doorman Building Boasts $3,000 Apartments, but No Gas [DNAinfo]