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Biggest Unit At Central Park West's El Dorado Asking $13.95M

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The El Dorado has been on our radar the past few days mostly because of the whispers of an Alec Baldwin move, but then we saw a different unit in the building hit the market. It's not owned by Baldwin but it's a real doozy. Unit 9DC is asking $13,950,000 for its 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and epic park views. The bragging rights are second to none, with the listing going on to say "this sprawling home offers more square footage than any other line in the building." It looks like this is a combo unit, since 9D is also on the market for a cool $9M. Needless to say, this place is gorgeous. But do you think it will convince Alec to ditch Soho for an in-building upgrade?

· Listing: 300 Central Park West Unit 9DC [BHS]