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Introducing W.B.N.B. (Williamsburg's Blandest New Building!)

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Because never enough Williamsburg, here now, a special contribution from an anonymous Curbed tipster: "I know that it's impossible to predict the future and what atrocities it may rain down upon us, but I think I have officially spotted Williamsburg's Blandest New Building (W.B.N.B.) in the wild. A bold statement given the crap that's been tossed up in the 'Burg the last five years, I know, but c'mon, just look at this thing! I have no information regarding W.B.N.B.'s architect, developer, condo/rental status or anything of that nature, and frankly, I don't care to find out. Such is the mind-numbing power of W.B.N.B. It's located at the corner of Wythe Avenue and N. 4th Street, and it's no improvement over what predated W.B.N.B. in that spot. What predated W.B.N.B., you ask? I have no idea. I can only assume it was better than this stillborn pile of nothingness."

"Among the W.B.N.B.'s finer attributes:

1) It's not tall enough to be meaningful in a neighborhood skyline context, yet sadly it's not short enough to be totally ignored.
2) Big windows indicate those faux-loft (and possibly "mezzanine") layouts that are now practically a parody of cookie-cutter Williamsburg condos.
3) Appears to have zero street-level retail, therefore does not engage the street/neighborhood in any useful way.
4) I believe the Benjamin Moore paint colors used on the exterior are "Hospital Waiting Room" and "Why Bother?"
5) It makes the looming nearby Northside Piers towers look like the Taj Mahal in comparison.

And therein lies the benefit of W.B.N.B., I guess. It boosts the aesthetic appeal of everything within a 10-block radius, and in Northside Williamsburg, that's no easy feat. Every other Williamsburg developer should send over an Edible Arrangement."
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