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15th Street Construction Projects Latest Sign of Chelsea Boom?

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A tipster wrote in wondering what the what is going with all the construction across 15th Street, from Union Square westward. We took to the street, starting with 10 East 15th Street, a now-empty lot being demolitioned by the New School. So far, no hints of what might take shape there; inquiry to project architect PKSB pending. Next up, the torn-up site at 31-35 West 15th Street, the site of an old union hall that has been pissing off neighbors since 2008. For what it's worth, a construction worker on the demolition team told us the building is 32 stories, with a 3-story base for Xavier High School, not the rumored 25 floors, six of which would be reserved for the school. He also mentioned that it was his last day on site because Alchemy Properties had hired a non-union crew to finish the job. Do we smell a rat in #31-35's future?

Finally, a peek at 414 West 15th Street, across from Chelsea Market, where a partial foundation has been poured for a new 25-story residential or hotel building. (Way back in the glory days of '06, it was a condo tower designed by H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture.) Our tipster writes that "work seems halted." We're waiting to hear back from the developer at LM Legacy Group. In the meantime, our tipline is all ears.
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