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Seller Gets Motivated at Chelsea's Split Personality Townhouse

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When we first noticed 280 West 25th Street, a commenter nicknamed it "the mullet building - serious in the front - party in the back!!!" The party turned out to be less of a good time than anticipated, because the house failed to sell at its $6.995 million ask. It has now returned to market at the low, low price of $5.75 million. The house has a strategy to avoid any further PriceChoppage, however: enlisting Selling New York stars the Kleier clan to sell the place. There will be an open house (with "Lunch provided by Bryan Siegel of the Wenitzky / Siegel Group of Met Life") Wednesday afternoon, at which, according to the listing, HGTV will be filming. Fifteen minutes of fame and a free lunch!

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