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Bronx Castle Folly Evacuated After Irene-Induced Mudslide

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Hurricane Irene was a sly one indeed; sparing downtown monuments but causing mudslides in the Bronx. The 'slide in question hit at 1:30 am Sunday morning and forced a resident evacuation from Villa Charlotte Brontë before barreling down the western side of the co-op complex on an almost 70-degree slope and taking out a portion of the Metro North track below. Perched above the Hudson River in Riverdale in the southwest Bronx, the Brontë is a fairy tale in rough stucco, with 17 units spread across two buildings. Once described by the New York Times as "a fantasy sand castle for the Amalfi coast designed by M. C. Escher," a six-room apartment cost just $11,500 when it was built in 1926.
· Mudslides Force Evacuation of a Bronx Architectural Icon [Metropolis]