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Jeremy Piven is Mystery Buyer of Mike Piazza's Tribeca Condo

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It's nice when two folks with troubled real estate histories find each other, isn't it? Take serial real estate dater Jeremy Piven, who's tried out every building from The Atelier to The Prime (here's his full apartment timeline), and Mike Piazza, who spent three years trying to sell his place at 161 Hudson Street, and we've got the perfect match! The Post reports that Piven is the mystery buyer of Piazza's place, for which he paid $4.58 million earlier this summer. That's just $360,000 more than Piazza paid for the apartment, and way less than the $6.8 million he was initially asking. Only the vaguest of listings remains online?the apartment is described, mind-warpingly, as both 6,000 square feet and "small"?but apparently Piven's been looking for someplace "Muscular & voluminous!!" this whole time.
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