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Penthouse in Dr. Doom's Building Hits Market at a Loud $27.5M

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Economist Nouriel Roubini has had a hard time finding a renter for his duplex at 66 Leonard Street. This, however, could simply be due to his questionable taste in decor. But his apartment is nothing compared to this listing for the penthouse which just landed on the market asking a whopping $27,500,000. You get a lot for your money though, the place has over 7,000 square feet of interior space, 4,000 square feet of outdoor space and, you guessed, a pool! And the listing points out a neat detail, the penthouse was "masterfully designed by Alan Ritchie (former partner of the late Phillip Johnson)." Think any hard-partying fishes looking to out-do everyone else are going to take the bait?

· Listing: 66 Leonard Street PH [Peter McCuen}

66 Leonard Street

66 Leonard Street, New York, NY 10013