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East Village Mystery Lot Gets Even More, Well, Mysterious

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The East Village Mystery Lot got the latest in a series of strange visitors when a mystery monster landed there in April. Now something even more mysterious is happening?actual construction activity! A tipster writes in with some intel:

"Something's reawakening at the Millstein Mystery Lot! First a crew appeared and began cutting the grass and weeds. Then they cleaned up removing bricks and large debris. A week later a truck appeared with a large drill hitched to the back. For a week they moved it to a number of different spots on the lot drilling deep, collecting what appeared to be core samples of soil. The trucks disappeared and surveyors appeared with their equipment. They shouted numbers and spray painted symbols and figures on the sidewalk. Something up no one seems to know anything. There are murmurs of NYU but people always point to them when nothing is known for sure." EV Grieve speculates that at least some of the work is actually being done on the Kiehl's building on the corner of 13th Street and Third Avenue. Anyone know anything else? Pass it on.
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