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Our Six Favorite Rendering Scalies of All Time

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Scalies, the proud inhabitants of the architectural rendering world, are a virtuous people. They are active, well dressed, always happy, and, most importantly, they are completely unshakable. (Watch how the scalies at 49 seconds into this video don’t even look up as pieces of Terminal 4 go flying by their heads.) Unfortunately, they are also often overlooked and underappreciated. Here is a gallery of our six favorite scalie pictures of all time.

Scalies are included in architectural renderings to the give them a sense of scale (hence the name) and never has scale been more important than in this image. Lest you think those are just normal-sized inflatable nightmare things, the scalies are there to display that they can reach sizes of up to four hipster-scalies stacked on top of each other. We’re not even going to try to guess what the little scalie-kid in the lower right is trying to accomplish.

“Did you see Garfield today? Ha ha!

These scalies look normal enough, all except for the one on the left, sort of hiding in the shade of the tree and watching everybody else. Maybe she’s a scalie overseer, there to make sure that none of the other scalies get out of line. Or maybe she’s just shy. Whatever the case, she has very good posture.

You probably didn’t know this, but the original plan for the Highline was for it to be a ghost park. The little ghost-scalie in the foreground sure looks like she’s having a good time, but we hope her ghost-scalie parent/guardians are somewhere nearby because we do not like the look of that ghost-scalie dude in the center. It’s mostly in the way he’s got his head turned way to the side like he doesn’t even see her there, and we're pretty sure he’s about to go over to her and tell her he has a ghost-scalie puppy in his ghost-scalie windowless van.

Whoops, we're not sure how this picture snuck in there. This isn’t actually a scalie at all—this apartment was just sold with a see-through naked chick in the bathroom. The see-through towels weren’t included, though.

This scalie convention is a testament to the ultimate unflinching-ness of scalies. Not a single one of the scalies is the slightest bit alarmed that the shirtless scalie on the bench is SUCKING HIS FEMALE COMPANION’S BLOOD out of her scalie-shoulder. Vampire-scalies. No big deal in scalie world.
?Jeremiah Budin