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How Yugoslavia Destroyed a $20 Million Park Avenue Apartment

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This 2,325-square-foot apartment at 730 Park Avenue, across the hall from former "60 Minutes" anchor Mike Wallace's place, is about to come on the market. There's just one problem with it: it's a total wreck! The apartment was owned by Yugoslavia's UN envoys, but it's been empty since 1992. The Post describes what happens when a $20 million, 14-room Park Avenue pad is left unoccupied for 19 years:

Paint is peeling from the ceiling of the salmon-colored living room. Silver serving pieces, desperately in need of a polish, sit on a buffet in the formal dining room. The kitchen contains a microwave oven the size of an air conditioner, and the pantry still holds a jar of maraschino cherries and Thai pepper paste. Serbia's been paying the $12,300/month in common charges, but Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, and Macedonia also claimed ownership of the property. When it finally sells?the next step is picking a broker?each country will get a percentage of the proceeds based on its economic power. And we thought the average apartment inheritance was complicated!
· Park Avenue battleground in Balkans War [NYP]

730 Park Ave

730 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10021