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Inside the Makeover of a New Condo at FiDi's Be@William

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The apartments at 90 William Street's be@William sold at some sizable discounts, leaving their new owners with cash left over for renovations of their brand spankin' new condos. Straight from the Curbed inbox, an example! One couple commissioned the folks at Mapos to turn their 750-square-foot "shoebox" apartment into something a little more flexible. The team at Mapos used partitions so that "the apartment could take on the forms of weekend retreat to home office to evening dinner venue, all within 750sf." The kitchen counter and cabinets can be concealed with shades to create a dining room; the living room can become a guest room; the folding doors somehow turn into a light fixture. Fun! A glimpse at how it all works in the gallery above.
The layout of the space, with the different rooms open and closed:

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