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Our Favorite Lines From the Kleiers' New Novel, Hot Property

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Today is the official release day of Hot Property, the new novel from the Kleier krew, co-stars of HGTV's Selling New York. We spent our now sadly SNY-free Thursday evening reading the book, which Library Journal described as "a novel about?surprise!?three high-flying real estate women in New York balancing work, love, and marriage?for fans of how-the-rich-live novels." Eagle-eyed readers?and the not-so-eagle-eyed?will certainly notice some similarities between the Chases, who own the family real estate business in the book, and the Kleiers. Below, a selection of our favorite lines from Hot Property. Check back tomorrow for an opportunity to win a copy.

7) "'Oh, we know exactly what has and hasn't sold,' Todd says. 'We've checked StreetEasy and have been following its progress on and The Real Deal."
6) "Several hours later, after hair and makeup at Valery Joseph and a quick stop at Saks for a new lipstick, Elizabeth is joined by Tom, Kate, and Isabel at the door of her $8.9 million listing at the Lucida on the Upper East Side, greeting A-list brokers like MacRae Parker, Donna Olshan, Cathy Franklin, Sol Howard, Shaun Osher, Fred Peters, Charles Curkin, the legendary Alice Mason and her chic daughter, Dominique Richard, Robby Browne, and new 'it' broker Jared Seligman, all of whom have come to view the two side-by-side penthouse units in the hopes of selling one or both of them."

5) "Elizabeth makes sure to say hello to all her favorite real estate writers, who almost always come when she throws an event?Jhoanna Robledo from New York Magazine, Joey Arak from, Dana Jennings and Christine Haughney from the New York Times, Josh Barbanel and Craig Karmin from the Wall Street Journal."

4) "Every year during that week, she and the girls would take a horse and buggy through the park, and afterward, skip in their pale pink crocodile Manolos?always their season debut in honor of the cherry blossoms?to the Plaza Hotel, where they drank tea and champagne and nibbled on scones at the Palm Court."

3) "There's Kate, wanting to know how the walk-through went, Isabel, checking to see if there's any way at all Elizabeth could spare even a half hour for the brokers' lunch, because the ever mysterious writer Joey Arak from has arrived and may be interested in doing a piece on Chase Residential's $23.5 million palatial penthouse listing in the legendary Clocktower in Dumbo (the first time the Chases have ever ventured outside of Manhattan!)."

2) "Their first apartment was on East 80th Street, a tiny one-bedroom where they slept with a box of pretzels between their beds, kept their undies in the fridge, and grilled tuna melts with an iron."

1) "At ten minutes to four, Elizabeth and her daughters are standing in front of a steel-and-glass structure just off the Bowery. Because the neighborhood is still a bit iffy, the building, despite being exquisite to the eye, still has half its apartments remaining to be sold."
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