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Dancing Lights Will Cover 25,000 Sq Ft of Manhattan Bridge

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[Rendering by Farkas Fülöp, via Immersive Surfaces.]

The Manhattan Bridge will be electrified later next week during a two-day Dumbo arts festival: twenty interactive artists will map the bridge and its environs with video, a sort of giant op-art animation. "Immersive Surfaces" is a bit hard to describe (since it hasn't happened yet), so, picture Lite Brite and Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video at the scale of Doug Aitken's 2007 MoMA piece, mixed with under-the-radar projects like the annual Bring to Light in Greenpoint, happening again this October. This is a Pretty Popular Thing To Do with buildings in European cities; don't be surprised if there are many more dancing lights in New York's future.
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