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The Edge is Getting a Rock 'n' Roll-Inspired (Of Course!) Play Space

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Williamsburg was anointed the new Diaper District in January, and the neighborhood's new buildings have been surprisingly quick to embrace the trend. First 184 Kent leased space to the River School, a 100-child facility that will be open 12 hours a day. Not to be outdone, the Edge has just leased 5,000 square feet to something called Frolic!, "Williamsburg's "first ever rock ‘n’ roll-inspired play space and enrichment center." The reality of a rock 'n' roll-inspired play space sounds even better than what we were imagining, so we'll let the press release have the floor for a moment:

Upholding the creative spirit and lifestyle of Williamsburg, Frolic! was designed with both child and parent in mind. The open 1,500 square foot indoor playground targeting ages newborn to six allows parents to sit back and relax with a cup of fresh roasted coffee while keeping an eye on their child. Customized play attractions include a Rolling Stones-inspired tongue slide, mini concert stage and backstage lounge for jamming and dress up as well as an interactive 1970 VW bus recreated by Roto, the award-winning children’s museum designers. We hardly need to say it, but private music lessons will also be available. Frolic!
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