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Mystery Listing Prices Architect-ed Hudson Square 3-BR at $90/Night — UPDATE: Confirmed: It's a Scam

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How would Tribeca's most dashing lady architect feel about one of her buildings being used as bait for temporary no-tel customers? An eagle-eyed tipster noticed the one-night rental listing for unit #7B in Winka Dubbeldam's 497 Greenwich Street on, and though the pictures sure as hell don't match the actual listing for the pad, the brokerbabble does:

So what gives? Owners sick of letting an already-pricechopped design-y condo linger on the market? Someone trying to recoup the original purchase price of $3,182,000? Or does Corcoran have an intern to fire?
· $90, 1br, ****clean-lined interiors designed by architect West Chin*** []
· Listing: 497 Greenwich Street #7B [Corcoran]
· Winka Dubbeldam coverage [Curbed]

UPDATE: Folks in the know reached out to let us know that, as we suspected, this is indeed a scam. One-night listings are not available at 497 Greenwich Street, and the fake listing has disappeared from Rest easy, Winka.