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Jane Hotel-Neighboring Penthouse Still Can't Find a Buyer

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Why, oh why, has no one yet purchased PH 6 at 111 Jane Street? When the place was a PriceSpotter pick in 2009, it was asking $6.5 million, and that's just one of many prices the apartment has tried, ranging all the way up to $6.8 million and all the way down to $5.995 million. Now it's trying the lower price of $6 million. We scientifically analyzed the brokerbabble for clues as to why the apartment?the building's top three floors, and a pretty impressive roof deck?hasn't yet sold. And..."Bring your contractor/designer," urges the brokerbabble. The listing pics don't reveal where a contractor/designer might be needed, but we wouldn't exactly expect them to. Another possible problem: the apartment's right next to the Jane Hotel. No wonder showings are only Monday through Friday, 2 pm to 6 pm.

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