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Uptown's Craziest Apartment Returns at $12.5M, Tenant in Place

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The French Renaissance chateau at 455 Central Park West was the city's first cancer hospital, then a "scandal-plagued" nursing home, then a new development containing lots of Columbia faculty housing. Immune to all the changes was the building's chapel, which looks as historic and chateau-like as ever?except that it, too, is now an apartment. It hit the market in April 2008 asking $17.5 million and chopped its price down to $12.5 million before taking a hiatus from the whole sales scene. It's back, at the same $12.5M ask, but according to the new listing (complete with new photos, galleried above), there's now a tenant in place. So the 10-room property is billed as an investment opportunity, but as the listing notes, it can also be delivered vacant. Feel like booting a tenant to live in nineteenth century landmarked glory?

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455 Central Park West

455 Central Park West, New York, NY 10025