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Nick Jonas Rescuing 15 Central Park West's Ugliest Apartment?

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Remember 15 Central Park West's #2D? We can't forget?the images from its original listing are burned into our brains. To recap: the owner purchased the nearly 2,200-square-foot 2BR for $4.327 million, said no way to professional interior decorating, and relisted the place for $8.5 million. A few brokers and photo retakes later (latest pics in the gallery above), the place is asking $6.85 million?and in a wacky twist that totally made our morning, Nick Jonas is interested. Post sources spotted the youngest Jonas Brother checking out the unit, also for rent at $26,000/month. The perfect crash pad for a stint on Broadway? It can certainly pull off the theatrical look.

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023