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57th Street Tower Gets Artsy; OMA's Latest Project Unveiled

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MIDTOWN EAST?Someday, the $500 million mixed-use development at 250 East 57th Street will have two schools, a Whole Foods, and a 59-story residential tower. For now, it's a 1.5-acre construction site?with a new art installation, "Nowhere in Manhattan." The project was unveiled yesterday. [CurbedWire Inbox]

OUTSIDE NYC?It's a bit far afield, but we love a good OMA/Rem Koolhaas-affiliated project wherever it's found, so we're still excited about OMA's 47,000-square-foot new building at Cornell. It's the College of Architecture, Art and Planning's first new building in over 100 years! Here's the archibabble:

Milstein Hall’s large horizontal plate connects the second levels of the AAP’s existing Sibley Hall and Rand Hall to provide 25,000 square feet of studio space with panoramic views of the surrounding environment. Enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glass and a green roof with 41 skylights, this “upper plate” cantilevers almost 50 feet over University Avenue to establish a relationship with the Foundry, a third existing AAP facility. The wide-open expanse of the plate?structurally supported by a hybrid truss system?stimulates interaction and allows flexible use over time.

250 East 57th Street

250 East 57th Street, New York, NY