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Council Votes 4-1 Against 135 Bowery in Landmarks Dispute

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Breaking a stalemate between preservationists and an enterprising building owner on the Lower East Side, a city council subcommittee voted down 4-1 a landmarking proposal for 135 Bowery. The 1817 Federal-style Hardenbrook Somarindyck House, a former gambling den that stands as one of the area's last wood-framed houses predating the Civil War, is far from pristine: the owner gutted the "leaky, old, and just plain broken" building and has been trying to sell it to a developer, along with eight stories in air rights. The LPC rushed in to save it with the initial support of councilwoman Margaret Chin, who has since taken the opposite side without explaining her stance except to say:
"I just hope that the advocates will see my point of view on this," Chin said. "And that we will have opportunity to continue to work to preserve the historic character of Bowery. But on this building we will have to differ."An aide to Chin told WNYC that the City Council vote is scheduled for September 21 and that "both sides expect a landmark designation to be rejected by the council."
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