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Checking Out the View from the Penthouses at The View

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Event: The unveiling of some new penthouse model units at Long Island City's The View, a building that needs no introduction around here.
In the House: Brokers, of course, and a few folks who looked like prospective buyers. And because the building is already occupied, we even spotted a few actual residents on our way in and out of the shindig. An unusual sight at such events!
Menu: If anyone's planning to take a time machine back to the party, we recommend the mushroom spring rolls and the dumplings.
Soundtrack: In PH9, some DJ-spun tunes. Everywhere else, silence.
Gift Bag Contents: A View-branded frisbee! And a folder with floorplans and pricing.
What We Saw: Many, many penthouses. One of two penthouse floors was open for viewing, and we poked our nose into about seven units. According to the handy packet in our gift bag, prices range from $1.485 million for a 2BR, 3BA to $1.785 million for a 3BR, 3BA.
The Skinny: Some of the layouts were a little quirky?see the photo of the closet bathroom entry in the gallery above. (And, as usual, pardon our amateur photos.) But the closet space is impressive, and hey, the views are worthy of the name.
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