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DoBro's Glassy $7M Penthouse Asking Slightly Less, Once More

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We had almost forgotten about the penthouse at Bridgeview Tower aka 189 Bridge Street in Downtown Brooklyn, which got an anemic $2,000 pricechop last winter after shockingly not selling at ask by relying on its charms. Well, obviously the strategy to market it at $6,998,000 didn't work. Not to worry though, the pricechopper heard the call and returned once more. Though not what it's likely going to need to sell, the place just got a somewhat healthier $200,000 price cut. Now asking $6,800,000 for its Miami vibes and piano shots. So, any takers for a 5,000 square foot penthouse in whatever neighborhood that is at the new ask? Bueller?
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189 Bridge Street

189 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY