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UWS Water Main Break Floods Apartments; NYU Park Backlash

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UPPER WEST SIDE?A water main break on Central Park West near West 106th Street flooded nearby streets today. Photographer Tye Moody sends along a few shots from his photo set of the insta-river. A tipster writes, "I ran into one lady whose apartment was waist deep. Pretty shitty." Indeed. Happy commute, Upper West Siders. [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?We haven't seen much backlash to NYU's proposal that the controversial land strips on the outskirts of its northern superblock be designated as parkland. Better late than never! The latest e-mail blast from the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation calls the plan a "Sham." Take it away, GVSHP:

"NYU is supporting Park status for these two green strips on the condition that they be granted an 'easement' over the park space. This would allow NYU to build under the parks, dig through the parks to their space below at any time, use the parks as a staging area for their construction equipment for their adjacent new buildings, and close the parks to the public at any time. By NYU's own admission, these parks would be closed to the public for years at a time. Additionally, NYU will still be seeking permission to build enormous new buildings bordering and looming over the "parks," encasing them in shadows for much of the year. This is clearly NOT 'what the community has sought for many years,' as the university claims. Unfortunately, it is another attempt by the university to feign responsiveness to community concerns in their quest for public approvals for a massive expansion plan which would have an enormous impact upon the Village."