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The Grace Church School Plans to Spiff Up 38 Cooper Square

Transformations along the north end of the Bowery continue apace, and the new plan from Grace Church School at 38-50 Cooper Square advances a proposal to spiff up the nabe. To do the job they've enlisted Alspector Architecture, the team that designed the Grace Gymnasium along East Ninth Street a few years back. The old and tired vinyl awnings protruding from the full length of bricks will come down, to be replaced by a new angled metal and glass canopy.
The private high school, set to open in September 2012, will face onto a renovated Cooper Square, where a broad plaza will become a teaching spot for Grace. The school takes up five old buildings, connected and re-fronted with brick years ago. Spreading out and up over nearly 75,000 square feet, the school is aiming for a 600 seat lecture hall on the main level and a full gym on the fourth floor. The plan for out front is relatively simple, and its fate will be decided soon by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
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