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New Luxury Condo Gets Funded Where Jay-Z Hotel Failed

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Deep in today's Wall Street Journal story about the trend toward smaller condos is a piece of intel about 345 West 14th Street, where Jay-Z and Andre Balazs failed to put a hotel. Namely, new site owner DDG Partners has received a $26 million construction loan for a condo building there. Take that, Jay-Z!

We dug up a little more info about the building, which will have 37 apartments and two retail spaces. We hear the interior demolition of the building currently on the site?part of which is staying put?is almost done.

When we visited another DDG Project, 41 Bond, earlier this year, the developer had set aside a bit of space to test possible materials for 345 West 14th. We've been saving the photo for this moment, so here's what 345 West 14th's brick might look like:

[Photo by Will Femia.]

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345 West 14th Street, New York, NY