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Psychic Time Warner Center Penthouse Tries Again at $60M

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The 75th-floor Time Warner Center condo that belongs to Steven Feder?once head of the Psychic Readers Network?has been sadly un-clairvoyant when it comes to price. First it was available as part of a potential combo, but when the other half sold, Feder's place decided to fly solo with a $38.5 million ask. Then it tried again with a $44.95 million price tag (a listing that's still online). Then, for a real head-scratcher, it reappeared on the market today asking a whopping $60 million. We don't see any major changes to the 4BR, 4.5BA, two-kitchen apartment, and our crystal ball has yet to be much help on this one. Will it catch a buyer's eye at the higher price?
· Listing: 25 Columbus Circle [Sotheby's]
· Psychic Time Warner Penthouse Now Asking $44.95M [Curbed]