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28-Story Residential Tower a Go at 113 Nassau Street

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A tipster reports this morning from the torn-down lots at 21 Ann Street, 109-111 Nassau Street, and 113 Nassau Street near City Hall downtown, which were combined in 2007 to make way for a 28-story residential tower. Four years later, a "sidewalk shed has been erected and they're clearing out debris." Stalled sites be damned! The original DOB permits were renewed as of September 7 this year, and the architect on record is none other than SLCE, designers of 57 Reade Street, Gotham West, Avalon West Chelsea, The Laureate, and scads of other anonymous glass box condos. The project's working title is now billed at 113 Nassau, formerly the site of a six-story brick building where the first issue of the New York Times was published in 1851.
The Times wrote its own painful eulogy when the building was demolished in 2007:
"What little architectural integrity the building possessed was all but wiped away in the 1970s when it became a McDonald’s. The property was put up for sale in 2004. The New York Times Company had no interest in buying it. There was no serious talk of landmark designation."
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113 Nassau Street

113 Nassau Street, New York, NY