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First Avenue Benefits From 2nd Ave's Hot Subway Mess

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Second Avenue shop owners can't catch a break: first the T line construction ruins their business, then that lowdown, sneaky First Avenue swoops in to steal what's left. One cafe proprietor who's been on the avenue since 1968 estimates his business is down 30% thanks to noise, scaffolding, and garbage, not to mention an ominous sounding "muck house."

The ingrained snobbism of the western thoroughfares on the Upper East exists here in spectacular fashion:
"Second Avenue has really been the place for food and entertainment, bars, pubs, sushi," said Dean Valentino of ABS Partners Real Estate LLC, who arranged the lease for Felice [Wine Bar]. First Avenue, meanwhile, was dominated by bodegas, nail salons, diners and dry cleaners.
Meanwhile, no mention of Third Avenue's dastardly plans to overthrow the reigning monarch.
· A Bonus for First Avenue: It's Not Second [Wall Street Journal]