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Architect Goes (Mostly) Modern With Family's Gramercy House

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Architect Ulises Liceaga spent three years renovating this townhouse on East 17th Street, which his father-in-law purchased for around $100,000 in 1968. The finished home is featured this month in Manhattan magazine, which sent along the photos for the above gallery. The house's lower apartment was restored in a traditional style; the upper floors, including two terraces and a roof deck, have more of a modern, open space feel.

Preserved panels of crown molding in the entryway nod to the past, but the refinished wood staircase leads up to the future—and down Mexico way. Alfonso Barrera’s painting of a blue-faced caballero welcomes visitors to the high-ceilinged hub of Liceaga’s three-bedroom apartment. On one end of the floor-through space is the sleek kitchen, where stainless appliances and glass countertops gleam under a ceiling of protruding slit lights by Maurer. Beyond the breakfast bar is an oval of white Corian that seats 10. Topped with a series of small, mirrored sculptures, it is one of two prototype Trotzdem tables that Maurer created in 2004 for a Museum of Modern Art project. · Open house [Manhattan magazine]