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UES House Recovers From Tragic Past, Plans Mansion Future

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Not every Upper East Side townhouse has the Old World look and upscale pedigree of Mayor Bloomberg's place. The history of 113 East 61st Street is among the less illustrious: back in 1993, the house was Manhattan's "first-ever 'Absolute Auction' of a premium property," and it sold in a foreclosure auction again just this past December. You do hate to see that.

But the home put itself back on the market with an ask of $9.5 million in August and sold, for once, with no apparent hassle at all. The sale price was an all-cash $8.3 million, and the buyer plans to convert the place from a hedge fund office back into a single-family townhouse, thereby restoring the UES to its former glory.
Here's an old floorplan for the place:

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