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Kimco Demolition Site in Harlem Collapses on Bus; 17 Injured

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Scaffolding around a former five-story building at the corner of Frederick Douglass Boulevard and West 125th Street collapsed on a crosstown bus this morning, injuring at least 17. The shuttered buildings are owned by Kimco and began demolition in June, when Harlem+Bespoke noticed telltale blue plywood around 301 West 125th Street:
"A full demolition has been planned right now and it appears the 110-year-old, 4-story corner building along with the adjacent 2-story shops are all going down based on permits filed within the last couple of months. Interestingly enough, DOB paperwork also reveals that the forthcoming structure spanning the some half dozen parcels will only be 3 stories tall in total."
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