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Inside Mayor Bloomberg's Old World UES Townhouse

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[The photographers' representatives e-mailed us and requested that we remove the photos, so we did.]

Today's Times answers one of our most burning questions: what does Mayor Bloomberg's East 79th Street townhouse look like inside? Turns out images of the place were up anonymously on the website of decorator Jamie Drake until the Times inquired yesterday, at which point they were promptly removed. Happily, some of the pictures still exist on the blog Alkemie?take a look in the gallery above.

An antiques dealer tells the Times that the photos show Dutch old master paintings that could be worth $90,000 and a couch that could be worth $1 million. Speaking of couches, what do the interiors of Bloomberg's NYC and London homes say about his personality? "It's certainly not a budget-deficit look," said a former House Beautiful editor-in-chief. "This is not somebody who is interested in appearing less successful than he is."
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