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Hotel Toshi Planning Cafe in Williamsburg Rental Building?

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The Hotel Toshi outpost at 808 Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg has been a source of frustration for longer-term building tenants, some of whom broke their leases early because they were fed up with Toshi's habits of allegedly leaving the building's side door open, moving tenants' mail, and renting out rooms for all-night parties. Some long-term renters remained?in fact, the Toshi outpost is apparently legal because the majority of the units are not Toshi-occupied?but they're not all on board with Toshi's latest plan: opening a cafe in the building. A tipster sends along the deets.
Our anonymous 808 Driggs correspondent writes:

I am a resident of 808 Driggs Ave. in Williamsburg, and I don't know if you all have heard, but Hotel Toshi has applied for a liquor license for our building. There is no storefront, so I cannot imagine where "Cafe T" will actually go. In addition, the hotel has not stopped operating, in fact I am greeted by drunk tourists every time I go in and out of the building, and have actually complained to 311 and my local assemblyman Vito Lopez. Additionally, a few of the tenants got together and sent letters to community board 1 in Brooklyn to block the license. Perhaps the total topper of last night was this letter that was obviously mistakenly put under my door. It's a petition that I guess Toshi hopes the guests will sign in order to push the liquor license forward. It?asks the individual to proclaim the building is a hotel, contrary to the C of O and the zoning laws! We've reached out to Hotel Toshi for more information. Additional intel welcome to
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