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Viewing Central Park From on High at 1212 Fifth Avenue

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Event: Preview of the condominiums at 1212 Fifth Avenue.
In the House: Lots and lots of brokers, plus the developers and their eager assistants.
Menu: In addition to the standard meat/cheese/fruit plates, lots of tasty hors d’oeuvres courtesy of Red Rooster’s Marcus Samuelsson. In order of deliciousness: Salmon ceviche, cilantro shrimp, rooster nuggets (chicken nuggets infused with mustard and bleu cheese), shots of chilled tomato soup, country baked ham biscuits, and smoked salmon on toast. And two well-stocked bars.
Gift Bag Contents: Looked like chocolate but we felt weird taking them, although in retrospect we have no idea why.
Highlight: An older lady pointedly asking the developer if any of the units had been purchased by “foreign people.”
Lowlight: Eating a large ball of cream cheese that looked, at first glance, like mozzarella.
What We Saw: Four units on the 9th floor, ranging in price from $745,000 for a 1BR to $3,310,000 for a 3BR. The rooms were spacious and everything was brand new and shiny. The real selling point has to be the view of Central Park, though, which would be perfect for showing off to guests or gazing out at, eyes unfocused, while worrying about the Dow or whatever.
The Skinny: One of the building’s two most expensive units, a $5,165,000 5BR penthouse on the top floor, was the first to go. Currently, 7 of the 55 units are in contract.
-Jeremiah Budin and Kevin Sweeting
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1212 Fifth Avenue

1212 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY