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New Website Ranks Buildings So Renters Don't Have To

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There's a new rental search tool born every minute, but happily, we never tire of playing around with them. The latest: Rentenna, a website that ranks apartment buildings based on how likely a renter would be to want to live in them. The company is keeping the algorithm through which it calculates its Rentenna Score a mystery, but it apparently takes into account value, amenities, landlord, neighborhood, resident ratings, and other factors. (The site just launched, so we have yet to see any buildings with resident ratings.)
Rentenna allows renters to narrow down searches by price, building features (elevator, laundry, friendliness to pets), and neighborhood before working its algorithmic magic. Each building page links to available listings, a plus in the hard-to-track rental market. Overall verdict: a good starting point for renters who want to find a building and contact management directly, perhaps avoiding the broker experience, and for renters who want to start their search with a sense of what's available for the money. At least for a certain amount of money?the site doesn't spit out many results suitable for renters on a budget.

The biggest downside is that renters can't assign their own weight to the various criteria measured by the scoring system?which means the Rentenna Score doesn't take into account the trade-off process that most NYC renters have to go through. The site does promise a customizable scoring system in the near future, so hang tight, renters.
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