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Long-Stalled 40-Story Office Tower Finally Climbing Skyward

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[Photos by William Weber.]

When law firm Morrison & Foerster put its signatures on a lease for 180,000 square feet at 250 West 55th Street, they also injected new life into a project that had been on ice since 2009. Today we usher the reaper off the stage (politely?we don't have a death wish) as the building heads into its next phase: actual construction! A tipster reported seeing construction activity on Eighth Avenue between 54th and 55th streets, so intrepid intern William Weber headed over for a look. Above, the earliest stages of construction for what will be, according to the SOM page for the building, a 40-story, 550-foot tower, "borrowing from SOM's classic designs for Lever House and Chase Manhattan Bank." Estimated completion year: 2015.
The architects describe the look this way:
Changing sky conditions and the surrounding Manhattan context interact with the building’s exterior skin, resulting in an ever-changing visual phenomenon. This changing composition is achieved by an assemblage of semi-reflective, low-iron vision glass and reflective vertical fins which together, add visual depth to the surface of the building and provide shifting readings depending on viewer perspective and daylight conditions. Let's just visualize it:

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250 West 55th Street

250 West 55th St., New York, NY