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Checking In With 151 Kent, Bastion of Hipster Dorm Living

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Demolition rumors floated around the converted dollhouse factory at 151 Kent as early as 2007, but the bastion of Williamsburg hipster dorms remains: one resident describes the current climate, "a picture of urban underclass paradise," to T magazine. The industrial building was targeted last year as part of an illegal loft crackdown, and reactions to the Loft Law (which protects previously-illegal loft dwellers throughout New York but puts residents at odds with landlords until their spaces are housing code-compliant) are mixed. As one musician living at 151 Kent puts it, "Do you know who’s worried about the loft laws? People who have time and money; I don’t have either." For others, like third-floor resident artist Jennifer Delilah, the laws are good news: "When we moved in [five years ago] it was like a bunch of birds took LSD and just built rooms. They were just nuts."
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