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Harlem Building's Last Door Prizes; Selling NY Plans Return

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HARLEM?Our old friend Beacon Towers has been waving its arm in the air for attention, metaphorically speaking, for the past few years. The building finally hit the 90% in contract milestone about five months ago, and now there are five units left. At a building that specializes in incentives, this can only be an occasion for...more incentives! They include: five to 10 percent discounts, a rent-to-own option, and furnished apartments (the staging furniture, as it happens). The units are priced, pre-discount, at $275,000 to $395,000. [CurbedWire Inbox]

TV LAND?Today was yet another Friday that passed, sadly, without a recap of Selling New York, because the HGTV show is enjoying a hiatus. Happily, a brief one: we hear it returns for its fourth season October 13. Our Thursdays have meaning again! [CurbedWire Inbox]