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The Ideal NYC: More Parks, Rooftop Farms, Waterfront Fun?

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As part of the festivities of Urban Design Week, the organizers invited architects, designers, artists, and generally urban-obsessed people to come up with some solutions to problems New Yorkers have with the city. A jury picked 10 winning projects, all of which are now up on the Urban Design Week website. We've compiled a few of our favorites in the gallery above. Common themes: more parks, better use of the waterfront, and more parks on the waterfront. One suggestion is for a park along the Harlem River "that connects the wide range of experiences of the Harlem River waterfront, from manicured to natural landscapes and from industrial to residential neighborhoods." Another proposal would like a pedestrian/bicyclist/pedicab/horse taxi park along Sixth Avenue from Herald Square to Central Park. And we stuck a rooftop farm in there, too, just for fun. Click through for more.
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