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Retrofitting a Bed-Stuy Castle as a Private School

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[Via Bed-Stuy Patch/Stephanie Keith.]

Meet Claver Castle, a 1931 community center built as part of Bed-Stuy's St. Peter Claver Roman Catholic Church, which brought YMCA-like spirit to the neighborhood before closing in 1988. Now, a progressive Brooklyn private school has renovated the block brick edifice with Venetian accents to the tune of $4.5 million.

In a perfectly crystallized moment for school design, teachers at The Brooklyn Waldorf School gave input on the layout to Rogers Marvel Architects. Those plans incorporate gardening, bio-dynamic farming, sports and woodworking, plus an organic cafeteria and a parent meeting lounge. Bed-Stuy Patch reports that the results are "stunning": "The school takes full advantage of period details, such as curved windows, terraces between classrooms, a large gym and a solarium on the top floor accessible from the classrooms."
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